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Q:  Torque only trains football players.

A:  False. At Torque Performance and Fitness, we specialize in all sports at every level of athlete. We have a youth development program that starts with athletes as young as 8 years old and work up to professional athletes. We strive to provide the ultimate training capacity for every athlete in every sport.

Q:  Torque only does strength training.

A:  False. With our seasonal programing, we have a different focus for various stages of the athlete’s season. We keep in mind preseason, in season, and post season work  –  and what the athletes bodies need during these stages. We program the training model on a collegiate level and scale up or down for each individual athlete. The programming includes but is not limited to mobility, strength training, core conditioning, speed & agility, metabolic conditioning and endurance training.

Q:  My athlete is locked into a contract to participate.

A:  We do not require any athlete to sign a contract but encourage the athlete to commit to the 12 week seasonal programming to get the upmost quality of training. We require a 30 day notice for any cancellation to stop auto draft in the computer system.

Q:  How is Torque different from other training facilities?

A:  At Torque, our primary focus is to train every athlete as an athlete. We do not conform them to other training styles or formats other that what is beneficial and specific for that athlete’s needs. Our philosophy is discomfort is progress.

Q:  Do you offer nutrition programing specific for my athlete?

A:  We do offer nutritional programming and counseling for athletes at no additional charge. Just ask your coach for information!

Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.
George S. Patton

Our Philosophy

Nobody owes you a living.

What you achieve or fail to achieve in your lifetime is directly related to what you do or fail to do.

People don’t choose their parents or childhood, but you can choose your own direction.

Everyone has problems and obstacles to overcome, but that too is relative to each individual.

Nothing is carved in stone. You can change anything in your life, if you want it bad enough.

Excuses are for losers. Those who take responsibility for their actions are the real winners in life.

Winners meet life’s challenges head on, knowing there are no guarantees, and give all they’ve got.

And never think it’s too late or too early to take action. Time plays no favorites and will pass whether you act or not.

Take control of your life. Dare to dream and take risks … compete.